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North Pembrokeshire

North Pembrokeshire

North Pembrokeshire is a unique part of Wales, with its own distinctive character, scenery, natural history and features. The Preseli Hills to the south are a natural barrier, and the coast to the north has provided natural resources, transport, food and access overseas over the millennia. The remoteness of this area probably explains why such a variety of features and history remain unspoilt, and why the Welsh language is used more widely around here than anywhere else.


No description of North Pembrokeshire can be complete without reference to the spectacular stretch of the national coast path on this part of the country. The scenery is outstanding, with imposing cliffs, a multitude of wild life, sea birds, and views which really do take your breath away. Perhaps our favourite place is Ceibwr bay, a tiny cove where meadows end a few feet above breaking waves, and civilisation seems a world away. A short walk along the coast path takes you to the “Witches Cauldron”,  a collapsed cave, but which is open to the sea, and frequently has visiting seals. The geology here is fascinating, as a scramble over the rocks will prove.

Elsewhere, our area is full of hidden treasures, such as the Last Invasion Tapestry in Fishguard. Created by locals for the bicentenary in of the French invasion in 1797, it is now housed in a specially built annex in the town library. The tapestry commemorates relative recent history, but the area is also rich in the ancient, as a visit to Castell Henllys will prove. This is a reconstructed Iron Age settlement, built exactly as it was over 2000 years ago. This was possible because the land had never since been disturbed allowing archaeologists to make unparalleled discoveries about the way of life of our ancient forebears. Since then life has moved on, represented throughout the area by castles, manor houses, early industry and so on, all of which is there for the visitors’ enjoyment.

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